Here is a quick review of the Rottweiler history.

If you are interested in learning more about their history, there are many excellent articles written on the internet, and I highly suggest you do some searching on their amazing history.


Early Rottweilers were originally drover dogs (cattle herders) for the Romans.  They were large and protective enough that they used them to herd the cattle of the Roman armies and army camps.  Around 200AD the Germans thwarted the Roman armies, and some of their dogs were left behind in Germany.


  The town of Rottweil Germany (named after the red roof tiles of the town) is located in Southwest Germany.  Rottweil was an important cattle town, and the dogs were valuable as protectors and drovers of their livestock. 


In the 19th century the railways led to cattle droving to become outlawed, and the Rottweiler found it's self without work.  So the butcher began to use the large strong dogs to pull their carts of meat into market, as well as to carry money in a pouch on their neck and protect the cattle and home.


However, by 1905 the Roman cattle dogs had diminished to a single female.  The Germans bred her to similar typed dogs, and were able to save their breed, now called Rottweilers.


In 1907 a club was formed in Germany to preserve the breed, and improve the external appearance of the dogs. 


The use of the dogs in the German police force helped to shape the dog in its workability, and recognition.