About Us

Vom Lauffeuer Rottweilers is a small kennel in Eaton, Colorado.  We are North of Denver about an hour, and about 20 minutes East of Fort Collins, just outside of Greeley.  Vom Lauffeuer translates to "from Wildfire". 

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My husband (JW) and I were high school sweethearts, and have been together since 2005.  I grew up in Cortez, Colorado, Southwest corner of the state.  JW grew up in Oklahoma, but spent his high school years in Mancos, just down the road from Cortez.  I went to Colorado State University in Fort Collins.  We then moved down to Texas to help JW's Dad develop his ranch.  We decided that Texas was just too hot for us, and moved back up to Colorado in 2012, and landed in Eaton!  We have a few acres, a couple of horses, and quite a few bunnies (we have been breeding rabbits since 1999) to go along with our Rottweiler crew.     


~About the Dogs~


To us there is simply no other breed of dog.  We love the Rottweilers clown like personality, family orientation and fierce protective nature.  They are the sweetest, smartest and most loyal animal.


We were blessed with our first Rottweiler in 2010 while we were living in Texas.  Heidi picked me.  I was working for a tactical K9 kennel that raised German shepherds, and Heidi was there on trade between the breeder and kennel owner.  One day I was cleaning her kennel; she jumped up on me, wrapped her paws around me, looked up into my eyes, and tucked her head under my arm.  I was hooked; she was going to be mine.  The kennel owner graciously gave her to me when I enquired on her.  I took her home, and she was the most loyal dog I had ever had the pleasure of sharing company with.  She was my guardian angel.  She would never go farther than she could see me.  And she loved to go everywhere with me.  She would howl when I left her for a moment.  My true heart dog. 

We had an oops, and one of our neighbors dogs got into the yard with Heidi when she was in season, well we all know what happens next...  Heidi gave birth to 3 puppies!  They weren't what we had hoped to get out of Heidi, but it was a hard time in our lives, we were living in the middle of nowhere, and these puppies were a blessing.  Unfortunately when the puppies were just 10 days old, Heidi was unintentionally poisoned by our neighbor, and we lost her.  I was completely devastated.  We hand raised the puppies; Gabby, Bach and Haans. 

 These puppies brought us so much happiness, they moved up with us from Texas to Colorado.  We lost Gabbie to an automobile accident, and we let a friend take Bach, as he and Haans were starting to be naughty together.  We still have Haans, he is our "mascot", and he will be with us for the rest of his life. 

Haans had been living with my old dog from High School, Gracie, a Bull Mastiff/Heeler cross for his entire life.  In early 2017, we had to put Gracie down, she was 12 years old; and not doing well.  This is when we decided we wanted to add a new Rottweiler to our family. 

I saw Luna online, and I thought she was simply the cutest thing ever, and had to have her.  She arrived shortly after we put Gracie down, and she and Haans became buddies.  I decided that I would like another female to join our family, and the person I bought Luna from offered her beautiful Visenya to me, as Luna and Visenya had been buddies back in Serbia.  She was not available for sale, and we were thrilled to be able to bring her here! 

The time came to start thinking about what we would like for a stud for our lovely ladies, and I started looking for a "Prince Charming."  I was very pick for what I was looking for, and found a few that I was interest in breeding to, but then I saw Ryen offed for sale, and thought he was exactly what I was I was looking for, so decided to bring him in to our family!

Our dogs live in our home (not all ways all at once), and are a part of our family, we love them very much, and enjoy their company.


I hope this helped to introduce us!