Annika vom Schwarzen Fluss

Annika or "Annie"
DOB 11/5/2018
Hips: HD Frei(Germany) OFA Prelim Good, Elbows: ED Frei(Germany) OFA Prelim Normal
JLPP N/M, Heart Clear, Eyes Clear, DM Clear, Long Coat Clear

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Annika vom Schwarzen Fluss
Annika came to us by way of a friend and fellow breeder in Texas that was getting out of breeding.  We actually didn't even mean to keep her initially, but are SO glad we decided to.  Annie is a FUN dog.  She has so much personality, drive and charachter.  She is lots of fun to work with, and we expect her to do great in IGP.  She is a little firecracker!  Both of her parents are from Germany, and infact, she was conceived in Germany.  Her dad is a top working stud in Germany currently, Will vom Hause Neubrand.  He was 3rd at the 2018 International ADRK IPO event.

Sire: Will vom Hause Neubrand - ZTP, BH, AD, IPO3, FH2, Anw.Dt.VDH-CH, HD Frei, ED Frei, JLPP N/N
Dam: Ronda vom Wilden Westen - ZTP, BH, HD Frei, ED +, JLPP N/M
No common ancestry in 5 generations
Linebreeding - 6 generations:
6,6-6 Jackomo von der Bleichstrasse EJS'94, BH, ZTP, SCHH/VPG3, IPO 3, AD, KÖRUNG
5-6 Akino von der Lauterbrücke VDH DT.CH, BH, SCHH/VPG III, IPO III, AD, GEK BIS EZA
6-5,6,6,6 Rick von Burgthann INT ÖSTER LUX VDH CH, KS, BH, ZTP, AD, IPO III, SCHH III, KÖRUNG
5,6-6 Mambo von der Teufelsbrucke Ö-BJSGR '95, SCHH3, AD, BH, IPO3, GEK BIS EZA, KÖRUNG