Bruno vom Lakotacamp

Joining us from Germany on September 16, 2023!
DOB 7/20/2018
Titles: ZTP, BH, IPO1
Hips: ADRK Frei (Excellent) Elbows: ADRK Frei (Normal) JLPP Frei (Negative/Non Carrier/ N/N), Eyes Clear, Heart Normal, DM/NAD/XLMTM/LEMP all clear, long coat clear
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****Bruno is available for stud to bitches with health clearances****

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Bruno vom Lakotacamp
We are excited to have Bruno joining us from Germany!  He has not been shown in comformation in Germany, but we hope to get the chace to show him here at some point, he does have his ZTP (Conformation rating and breeding approval from the ADRK in Germany).  Bruno is a CHARACHTER!  What a funny and fun dog!  He is always in a good mood, and makes us laugh every day.  He loves to play play play!  His favorite toy is his tire, and he loves splashing in the pool.  He is social with people and loves the girl dogs, big and small!  His pedigree has some really neat dogs in it, with excellent longevity and health!  His brother, sire, grandsire, and 2 grandsires are Gekort, the highest honor in germany performance dogs.  He is a medium sized dog at just over 25 inches tall at his withers and about

April 11, 2021 (Eric Joseph)
Withers 64cm, Depth of Chest 29cm, Weight 45kg, Body Length 68cm, Chest Circumference 84cm, Skull 15cm, Muzzle 9cm,  Eyes 2a
Medium sized, very well built, alert, spirited with suitable bones strength, good head with medium-sized, correctly carried ears, dark brown eyes, cheekbones not completely filled out, broad, strong muzzle, pigmeentation of the tooth ridges mostly dark, lips somewhat open, strong neck with light skin on the throat, very good chest proportions, strait forearms very well set and angled, strong, very well knuckled paws, straight back when standing with lightly sloping croup, very good lower line, strong, muscular hindquarters, somewhat wide set, very well angled, tail when standing carried hanging down, well-groomed stock hair with reddish-brown markings, slightly sooty on the muzzle, free and expansive in movement.  Complete teeth with scissor bite.

Sire: Enzo vom Arenberger Land - VDH DT CH, BH, AD, IPO3 Gekort bis EZA - HD/ED/JLPP Frei
Dam: Tessa von der Reuthwiese - V Rated, BH, AD, IPO1 - HD/ED/JLPP Frei
GS: Yaris vom Schwaiger Rathus Dt VDH CH / ADRK CH, BH, AD, IPO3, Gekort bis EZA - HD/ED/JLPP Frei
Linebreeding - 6 generations:
4-5,5 Amigo vom Schwaiger Wappen VDH/INT/Dt CH, BH, AD, VPG3, ES'08 BS'08 GEK BIS EZA
5 -6,6 Unja vom Schwaiger Wappen BH, AD, VPG 3 GEK BIS EZA
6,6,6,6-6 Rick von Burgthann INT ÖSTER LUX VDH CH, KS, BH, ZTP, AD, IPO III, SCHH III, KÖRUNG
6,6-5 Eyck von Tengen BH, AD, IPO3, SchH/VPG3 BJS'00
6-6 Quenda von der Bleichstrasse BH, VPG3
5-6,6 Mambo von der Crossner Ranch INT/SCHWZ/DT.VDH-CH ES'02 O-BS'02 SCHWZ.KS'02 O-KS'02'03 SCHH/VPG III AD BH IPO III