Nanabah Vom Lauffeuer

Nanabah, or Nana, or Paw or Aegis
Our Silver Girl from our second litter out of Visenya and Ryen
DOB 3/9/2020
Titles: RN, TKN, CGC
OFA: Hip Excellent, Elbow Normal, Heart Echo Normal, Eyes, JLPP Clear, DM Clear, LEMP Clear, NAD Clear, XLMTM Clear, Long Coat Carrier

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Nanabah vom Lauffeuer
Nanabah has a fun story.  Ever since she was born all the way until she left, I admired her and kept thinking that this is the puppy I really should keep.  She adored me too, and was my special girl until she went to her new home.  But, alas, I was not in the right spot to keep a puppy, and we already had the other girls from the same pairing.  So at 8 weeks old she went to her new home to be a sporting/service and show prospect as first pick female.

Unfortunatly, life got in the way with her new owners, and they were not able to do what they had hoped with her, and felt she was just a little too much for them, and that they may be holding her back.  We made the decision to purchase her back to come permanently join our pack! 

Nanabah goes by many names.  Her previous owners named her Never Without Aegis, which is a great name, but when she came back here she needed a name fitting with our kennel to relect her new start.  Nanabah is the Navajo term for a female returning warrior!  What more fitting a name than that for her, it even fit with the N litter!  So now she goes by many names including Paw that my daughter believes is her correct name and will correct you if you call her something else (she is obsessed with PawPatrol). 

Nana is a high energy and motivated dog.  However she is exceptionally sweet, and very gentle.  She adores Kallie and is so careful not to disrespect her.  She has a high desire to please, and wants to be close.  She LOVES training, she screams in the car when we get close to the training centers lol!  We call her our cat dog as she arches into your pets.  She is a joy to be around.

Sire:Ryen vom Kressbach - VDH German Champion, ZTP, AD, BH, IPO3, HD Frei, ED +/-
Dam: Visenya vom Drachenheim - CGC, BH, HD A, ED B/L
No common ancestry in 5 generations
Linebreeding - 6 generations:
4,4-6 Balou vom Silberblick VDH.CH, BH, ZTP, SCHH/VPG3, IPO 3, AD, FH1, GEK BIS
4-6 Akino von der Lauterbrücke VDH DT.CH, BH, SCHH/VPG III, IPO III, AD, GEK BIS EZA
5-6 Mambo von der Teufelsbrucke Ö-BJSGR '95, SCHH3, AD, BH, IPO3, GEK BIS EZA, KÖRUNG