~Ryen vom Kressbach~

Ryen unfortunately had to be laid to rest on 6/23/2023.  He only had 2 grey whiskers and was a happy sweet boy still, but had a non-cancer fatty tumor in his brain pushing on his mobility section, and eventually lost his mobility.  He will be deeply missed and we are so glad we had him as our foundation stud. 

We do have 2 breedings stored that we will use on a special occation in the future.

German Import (ADRK Pink Paper Registered)
Breeder: the famous breeder Werner Walter
ZTP, AD, BH, IPO3, Dt.Champion VDH, Multi V1
HD Frei, ED +/-, JLPP Frei, Clear Heart, Clear Eyes, DM Clear, Long Coat Clear
67 cm tall, 115 lbs, 2a eyes

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Ryen vom Kressbach  

We had Ryen imported from Germany in January of 2018.  I was looking for a dog that had beautiful type, fully titled, healthy, and wonderful temperment, and a Mambo von der Crossner Ranch free pedigree to breed our girls to.  I found a couple of dogs in the United States available to stud that fit my criteria, but saw Ryen and decided I would like to add him to our family, and bring this beautiful boy to the United States.  When we went to pick him up at the airport, the ladies working at the pickup counter commented on what a sweet boy he was.  He has a wonderful, sweet, happy go lucky, want to please personality but at the same time is confident and protective.  He LOVES to work.  He has no dog aggression, and gets along with everyone!


(German Breed Suitability Test)
Ryen has been rated for breeding in Germany

Sire: Gero von der Sachsenberurg - HD/ED Frei, BH, AD, VPG 3, V Rated
Dam: Valeria vom Kressbach, HD/ED Frei, BH, VPG 1, KJS'05, KS'07, ES'09
Linebred 3:3 on Balou vom Silberblick, BH, AD, VPG 3, FH 1, Gek.b.14.05.02

Ryen's mom Valeria vom Kressbach won the Youth Klub Siegerin in 2005, the Klub Siegerin in 2007 and the Europasiegerian in 2009.  She was an amazing girl!

Two of our favorite rottweilers appear in Ryen's pedigree Akino von der Lauterbruke and Balou vom Silberblick.

Ryen has passed his AD, BH, IPO1, IPO2 and IPO3 titles.